carer pass & Accessibility Information

VeXpo’s commitment to Accessibility

VeXpo and the NEC aims to be a user-friendly and accessible convention for all visitors. We will try our best to ensure that convention goers have a good time. 

No matter you experience, we encourage all feedback and suggestions in order to improve your experience.

VeXpo and NEC guidelines

Conventions can be a busy place, so before visiting and during your visit please make sure a staff member is aware and they will assist you where possible. 

Carers and attendees will receive an entry bypass for those who have difficult with standing. 

Not all disabilities are visible and may not be obvious. The VeXpo team will be on the look for Sunflower Lanyards and badges and will offer assistance when we can. 

The NEC has policies and guidelines set in place for accessibility. From offering parking help, mobility assistance, guide dogs and much more. For more information please click on the button to access the NEC’s policy. 

Complimentary carer passes for VeXpo are subject to the qualifying criteria for those who need a carer assistance during their visit. The person requiring carer assistance must be in possession of a paid ticket prior to any applications. The Carer must be over 18. To apply for a Carer pass please click on the application button and fill out the form.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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