Rules of conduct

VeXpo Ltd aims to provide a safe and friendly environment for all convention attendees. The code of conduct exists to ensure all attendees can enjoy themselves during the convention while preventing any harmful or negative incidents. VeXpo will not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We are dedicated to providing the best experience regardless of age, race, gender, expression, sexual orientation, appearance, disability, religion , ethnicity or personal choices. Please treat everyone with kindness, respect and humility. Violation of these rules will result in ejection.

VeXpo is organised by Vtuber Expo LTD, upon purchasing a ticket the attendees agree to comply with Vexpo’s code of Conduct and accept all conditions. Failure to comply may result in ejection from the convention and may result in future blacklisting from similar events hosted by Vtuber Expo LTD. 

Conditions of entry 

  • Entry to VeXpo is subject to both VeXpo’s and the NEC’s code of conduct. 
  • Entry to the convention is at the attendees own risk and takes full responsibility of their health during the convention. 
  • VeXpo and the NEC will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury sustained entering or within premises during the event. 
  • All persons must comply with the rules of England and Great Britain. No illicit drugs, alcohol, weapons, pyrotechnics will be allowed in or near the venue. 
  • Persons under the age of 13 require parental or guardian supervision. 
  • Passes must be visible upon asking. Failure to display a pass will result in purchasing or ejection lest the pass has been accounted for being lost. 
  • Passes are not transferable and may be revoked by staff or security. 
  • Refunds are subject to strict criteria. 
  • Smoking and vaping is not permitted anywhere inside the venue and will be ejected if caught. 
  • No outside food is allowed in the venue. Drinks are fine lest they be alcoholic. 
  • Attendees may not tamper with, adjust any fixtures or furniture. 
  • Animals lest they be guide animals are not allowed into the interior of the venue. 
  • Acts of crime no matter how petty will result in removal from the convention. This includes but not limited to theft, stalking, aggravated assault, verbal, drunk & disorderly. 
  • Cosplay is not consent, please ask all cosplayers for their permissions before interactions. 
  • VeXpo and the NEC reserves the right to refuse entry on the basis of harm to yourself, other attendees and staff. 

Guidelines for Photography, Recording and Streaming 

We ask that attendees respect all rules, signs and staff requests. VeXpo reserves the right to stop, review and delete footage. 

  • Photography, recording and streaming of panels and events are not allowed unless specified or confirmed with VeXpo staff. 
  • Filming and photographing the event and venue is generally allowed. However not all attendees want to be filmed, please be mindful of streaming or filming. 
  • Consent must be obtained before taking any pictures of guests, cosplayers or attendees. 
  • Please refrain from using flash photography. 
  • For taking photos outside of the venue please confirm with the NEC security staff. 
  • Any photos or videos taken of VeXpo must be publicly identified as VeXpo when posting.
  • By attending the convention you consent to being filmed or photographed by VeXpo staff without compensation. You agree to grant an irrevocable, non-exclusive and perpetual licence to VeXpo to reproduce, display, distribute, perform or create derivative works from and otherwise use any images of footage of you. 
  • Please request permission from vendors before filming or taking photographs of their wares. 
  • No use of drones at all. 


VeXpo guidelines ensure that all cosplayers can attend the event in a fun and safe manner. These rules are not comprehensive and are made to be modified at discretion of staff. We reserve the right to ask you to modify your cosplay if it is in conflict with the convention space. Please be wary of all attendees.  

  • All cosplays must comply with local laws.
  • The NEC and VeXpo staff have the right to remove you from the premises if they deem your cosplay to be a hazard or public indecent. 
  • Footwear is required at all times 
  • Cosplay must not obstruct or impede the flow of traffic. 
  • Handlers for cosplayers are encouraged if the cosplay contains large elements. 
  • All props must comply with local rules and be confirmed by NEC staff. 
  • Certain props may be asked to be stowed at certain times and for certain events. 
  • Any body paint must be non toxic, non transferable and can not cause damage to others or furniture. 

Privacy concerns

Privacy is important to VeXpo. There will be many who wish to protect their identity and personal information. We reserve the right to expel you from the convention if we deem individuals are endangering the privacy of any attendees. Actions include but are not limited to:

  • Impersonating someone 
  • Doxxing guests 
  • Spreading information that could lead to private details being leaked 
  • Actions or jokes which place attendees in harm’s way by identifying certain key features of private life. 

Please be mindful of all attendees. We ask you to do your part to help protect this community. 

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