Terms and Conditions:

Vendors and Artist alley

  • Rules and precautions 


VeXpo operates closely with the NEC to establish operational safety of all attendance. The following rules and regulations have been established to ensure the continuation of VeXpo. “Vendor” will henceforth refer to any individual or organization participating in VeXpo with the intention to sell merchandise, goods or services. This includes their helpers, assistants or staff.

VeXpo reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any given time. 

  • Guidelines for Artist alley 


  1. Artist Alley is exclusively for creators who have created their own work or items.  
  2. You can not sell on behalf of another artist, the creator must be present at the convention or approval from the creator.
  3. Do not encroach on your neighbors’ space .
  4. Respect your neighbors, no disruptive acts such as lighting or music. 
  5. Display stands and booths must follow regulations.
    • Free standing 
    • No higher than 2.5 meters from the floor 
    • No wider than 1.5 meters
    • Must fit in your designated area 
    • Stands on tables can not extend past 3 meters 
    • They cannot obstruct visibility to other stalls
    • You can not bring extra furniture unless approved by VeXpo personal a month prior to the event 
  • Guideline for Vendors 


Eligible vendors will comply with the requirements of sold items as stated by the laws of England. 

  • Guideline for Artist Vendors and Artist Alley 


  1. All staff need to be 18 years of age at minimum.
  2. All artwork openly displayed must be PG-13
  3. The sale of artwork that has been traced, made by Artificial intelligence or in mal intent is prohibited. 
  4. Abide the staff rules at your given location
  5. Vendors will be required to observe and adhere to all laws and regulations of England
  6. Pirated or bootleg materials but not limited to art, stories, merchandise , software and audio, video are not permitted to be sold 
  7. All food items sold must be declared and cleared with Amedeus (The NEC partner) 
  8. All participating personnel will maintain a level of professionalism and follow the general terms & conditions of attending the convention. 
  9. Participants can not resell their tables 
  10. Sharing of tables must be pre approved by VeXpo staff
  11. All participants will keep the gangways clear
  12. Goods may not extend beyond the space given 
  13. VeXpo nor the staff at the NEC will become involved in financial disputes between attendees and vendors
  • Policy on payment, refunds, cancellations, no show and reservations  


  1. Participants must pay their deposit to reserve a slot. They must pay the full amount in the allocated time frame unless given extension by the VeXpo operations staff. 
  2. VeXpo reserves the right to decide who vendors during the application process. In the result of a failed application the deposit will be refunded and the reservation will be canceled. 
  3. Refunds requests can be made within 30 working days prior to VeXpo. 
  4. It is the responsibility of the participant to inform VeXpo staff of any complications and possibility of no show. A participant will be considered a no show if their table is unclaimed on the Saturday after 2 hours. The participant may receive a fine and disposal of their table. 
  5. If at any point during the convention or prior VeXpo retains the rights to remove your application and stand if we feel that you have broken any rules. 

These regulations are incorporated into your contract with the allocated quotation and exhibition manual .If the Exhibitor is successful in their application to the vendor they will receive the exhibitor manual with the full terms and conditions. Upon paying the remaining sum, the Exhibitor and organiser enter into a binding contract to participate as an exhibitor. 

For questions please contact info@vtuber-expo.org

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