Meet & greet tickets

Meeting your Oshi gives you a rush like none other. VeXpo is committed to giving you an experience like none other in the UK and is hosting the first UK Vtuber Meet and Greet! To enter you must sign up for a raffle, and if you win you get to meet your Oshi!

How to enter the Meet & Greet ticket raffle

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Terms and Conditions

  • Entering the M&G draw

    In order to participate in any meet and greet, you must hold a ticket for the day. Ensure you are using the email you bought your ticket on. Failure to do so will remove you from the draw.

  • Ticket

    You will be given up to a week to claim your ticket.

  • Wristband and Lanyard

    You must be wearing your wristband or lanyard when a part of the queue. When in the queue you must be fully inline.

  • Queueing up

    Please be sure to show your ticket number to the attendant. Ticket name and ID must match or you will be removed from the queue. When in the queue you must be fully inline.

  • Time

    You are responsible for knowing when to queue. Trying to meet talent outside the allocated time frame will result in your removal. If you miss your meet and greet you will not be refunded.

  • Refunds

    Refunds are only offered in the case that talent cancels.

  • Session

    You are allocated 2 minutes from being called up to leaving. Convention staff have the right to ask you to leave if you are making the talent feel uncomfortable or you have overstayed your allocated time.

  • Respect

    Please respect the wishes of the talent. If they ask for no photos or recordings you are not allowed to take it. Please check with the attendee beforehand.
  • Behavior

    While it’s thrilling to meet your oshi, we expect you to respect members of staff and the talent. Any misconduct, aggression (verbal or physical) will have you permanently banned from all future and partner conventions.
  • VeXpo has the right to change these T&Cs and when they choose to do so.

Meet & Greet FAQ

Each person has 2 minutes to interact with the talent of their choice.

No, we will not be accepting any gifts.

VeXpo does not restrict attendees from seeing multiple talents. For example, if Talent A and Talent B are in the same 1 hour window, you can win a ticket to both and see both.

They are located next to one another at the back of the convention hall.

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